You have the right to sue a collector

You should know that in either situation the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that debt collectors treat you fairly by prohibiting certain methods of debt collection. Of course, the law does not forgive any legitimate debt you owe.

This brochure provides answers to commonly asked questions to help you understand your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

What debts are covered?

Personal, family, and household debts are covered under the Act. This includes money owed for the purchase of an automobile, for medical care, or for charge accounts.

Who is a debt collector?

A debt collector is any person, other than the creditor, who regularly collects debts owed to others. Under a 1986 amendment to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, this includes attorneys who collect debts on a regular basis.

How may a debt collector contact you?

A collector may contact you in person, by mail, telephone, telegram, or FAX. However, a debt collector may not contact you at unreasonable times or places, such as before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., unless you agree. A debt collector also may not contact you at work if the collector knows that your employer disapproves.

Can you stop a debt collector from contacting you?

You may stop a collector from contacting you by writing a letter to the collection agency telling them to stop. Once the agency receives your letter, they may not contact you again except to say there will be no further contact. Another exception is that the agency may notify you if the debt collector or the creditor intends to take some specific action.

May a debt collector contact any person other than you concerning your debt?

If you have an attorney, the debt collector may not contact anyone other than your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, a collector may contact other people, but only to find out where you live and work. Collectors usually are prohibited from contacting such permissible third parties more than once. In most cases, the collector is not permitted to tell anyone other than you and your attorney that you owe money.

What is the debt collector required to tell you about the debt?

Within five days after you are first contacted, the collector must send you a written notice telling you the amount of money you owe; the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money; and what action to take if you believe you do not owe the money.

May a debt collector continue to contact you if you believe you do not owe money?

A collector may not contact you if, within 30 days after you are first contacted, you send the collection agency a letter stating you do not owe money. However, a collector can renew collection activities if you are sent proof of the debt, such as a copy of a bill for the amount owed.

What types of debt collection practices are prohibited?

Harassment. Debt collectors may not harass, oppress, or abuse any person. For example, debt collectors may not:

-use threats of violence or harm against the person, property, or reputation;

-publish a list of consumers who refuse to pay their debts (except to a credit bureau);

-use obscene or profane language;

-repeatedly use the telephone to annoy someone;

-telephone people without identifying themselves;

-advertise your debt.

False statements. Debt collectors may not use any false statements when collecting a debt. For example, debt collectors may not:

-falsely imply that they are attorneys or government representatives;

-falsely imply that you have committed a crime;

-falsely represent that they operate or work for a credit bureau;

-misrepresent the amount of your debt;

-misrepresent the involvement of an attorney in collecting a debt;

-indicate that papers being sent to you are legal forms when they are not;

-indicate that papers being sent to you are not legal forms when they are.

Debt collectors also may not state that:

-you will be arrested if you do not pay your debt;

-they will seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages, unless the collection agency or creditor intends to do so, and it is legal to do so;

-actions, such as a lawsuit, will be taken against you, which legally may not be taken, or which they do not intend to take.

Debt collectors may not:

-give false credit information about you to anyone;

-send you anything that looks like an official document from a court or government agency when it is not;

-use a false name.

Unfair practices. Debt collectors may not engage in unfair practices in attempting to collect a debt. For example, collectors may not:

-collect any amount greater than your debt, unless allowed by law;

-deposit a post-dated check prematurely;

-make you accept collect calls or pay for telegrams;

-take or threaten to take your property unless this can be done legally;

-contact you by postcard.

What control do you have over payment of debts?

If you owe more than one debt, any payment you make must be applied to the debt you indicate. A debt collector may not apply a payment to any debt you believe you do not owe.

What can you do if you believe a debt collector violated the law?

You have the right to sue a collector in a state or federal court within one year from the date you believe the law was violated. If you win, you may recover money for the damages you suffered. Court costs and attorney's fees also can be recovered. A group of people also may sue a debt collector and recover money for damages up to $500,000, or one percent of the collector's net worth, whichever is less.

Where can you report a debt collector for an alleged violation of the law?

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General's office and the Federal Trade Commission. Many states Dust collector also have their own debt collection laws and your Attorney General's office can help you determine your rights.

If you have questions about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or your rights under the Act, write: Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580. Although the FTC generally cannot intervene in individual disputes, the information you provide may indicate a pattern of possible law violations requiring action by the Commission.

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It is made up of proteins

As well, other potential allergens are not able toattach themselves to a latex mattress. Your latex mattress will remain earthand allergy free by simply following a basic cleaning routine. This is a majoradvantage over synthetic mattresses, which are known to harbor dust and otherallergens.

Latex has the unique quality of proving your body withthe perfect amount of support and firmness, without being too soft or too hard.If you have never slept on a latex mattress, you will be surprised to see howcomfortable it is.

Another benefit oflatex is a result of the airy nature of the organic material from which it ismade. An important characteristic of latex is its ability to breathe freely. It therefore maintains a proper temperature throughout all seasons. Latexmattresses are noted and appreciated for their ability to stay warm in thewinter and cool in the summer.

Latex mattresses are anexcellent choice no matter how you look at your mattress purchasing decision.What better solution than to purchase an organic mattress that is comfortable,dust and allergen free and also is manufactured in an environmentallyresponsible manner.

In addition to lowering cost,mattress manufacturers using blended latex often feel that it adds a plus bycombining the elasticity of natural latex with the consistent quality anddurability of synthetic latex.

Most higher-quality latexmattresses use pure latex. The same consideration for materials used in thechoice of latex for your mattress should also be applied when consideringmattress covers. Mattress covers that are fire-retardant as a result offire-resistant fibers are far superior to covers with topically appliedfire-retardants, which often use toxic chemicals.

A quality latex mattress,constructed without the added expense of a natural wool cover and all naturallatex, is a very wise mattress choice. Latex mattresses with more affordablecomponents offer the durability, unsurpassed sleeping comfort andhypo-allergenic qualities only available with all latex mattresses, and are asuperior choice to the traditional inner-spring mattress. In the effort to finda safe sleeping surface for you

Latex is very long lasting anddoes not sustain molds, bacteria, mildews and other microorganisms. They are thrice more impervious to microbes than other ordinary mattresses. It is made up of proteins, sugars, oils, tannins, resins, alkaloids, starches and gums.Latex can be in variety of colors such as white, yellow, orange and evenscarlet. It is also used to refer to natural latex rubber; particularly fornon-vulcanized rubber.

If you are considering the SleepNumber Bed, then you've come to the right place because I have important,unique information to share with you.


Nearly 80% of Sleep Number Bedowners in our research indicate that the bed is comfortable. This percentage isabout equal to Tempurpedic and most other memory foam beds. And it's in therange of latex mattresses and waterbeds. The Sleep Number Bed clearly beatsinnerspring mattresses in that around 55% of innerspring bed owners indicatethat their beds are comfortable.

Sleep Number Vertical crusher Beds owners find thebed to be comfortable because it relieves pressure points and, perhaps moreimportantly, it is adjustable in regard to firmness. In other words, adding orremoving air from the bed increases or decreases the firmness. This allows aperson to find a firmness level that perfectly suits his or her personalpreference.


The Sleep Number Bed also performs well overall inregard to durability. It is not uncommon at all, according to our research, forowners to have their beds for 10 or even 15 years with little or no loss ofcomfort. There is some foam on the bed that can sag and compress overtime, butthis does not seem to have much of a negative impact. The Sleep Number Bed'sgood durability is fairly unique among mattresses. That's because most beds,especially innerspring mattresses, tend to wear out fairly quickly. It's oftendifficult to find an innerspring mattress over 10 years old that still providesa good night's sleep.

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Instructions on cleaning radiators

Method 1. A weekly dusting with a feather duster or a dust cloth will keep the accumulation down. Home Cleaning recommends a major radiator cleaning to be done at least twice a year if your environment is particularly dusty then three to four times.

Method 2. Remove as much of the surface dirt as possible using a hand vacuum or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. The brush can actually go some way toward getting in between the tubes. But the thin nozzle attachment goes further. It is almost sure that using a vacuum will not get all the dirt out, there are more effective ways to clean inside the crevices.

Method 3. To reach the dust trapped between tubes, use a couple of common kitchen items. Wrap a sheet of paper towel around the broad end of a kitchen spatula and secure it a with a rubber band. Then slide the spatula up and down both sides of each tube of the radiator. For resistant substances and especially sticky spills, spray some all-purpose cleaner on the paper-swathed spatula and have another go at it.

Method 4. Deal with rust spots as soon as you see them. You can get the larger chips off with a wire kitchen brush, followed by some medium and then fine-grade glass paper. be sure to get rid of all the rust so the corrosion will stop after painting. Once you have smoothed the surface and there is no visible rust residue, spray the spot with special radiator paint. If you are unsure of these procedures our expert cleaners can do the job for you. Check out the range of cleaning service that we offer.

Method 5. To clean a portable electronic radiator, unplug it Vacuum cleaner and then follow the directions given in above (point 3) for cleaning traditional steam radiators. You won't need the re-dusting and painting steps. A useful recommendation for keeping your electronic radiator clean, dust free when not in use is to store it in a plastic bag.

Learn more and contact us to experience dust-free and clean house:

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They make a living

There are many reasons why coin collectors sell their coins - there are coin collectors who are dealers at as well. Selling coins is their option and they may use it to generate income so that they can acquire other coins that they like. Some collectors travel in search of a coin they want and during that travel, they may encounter coins that may not be qualified for their own collection but they buy them anyway. Upon returning home, they sell the coins they have purchased and make use of the money to buy the coins they are looking for.There are also coin collectors who gather coins not just as their hobbies; these coin collectors use the coins as their source of income. 

They make a living from selling the coins that they collect. Sometimes they sell the coins to other collectors and price them higher than the usual price of the coins and this is appropriate if the collector owns limited edition or rare coins.On the other hand, some collectors sell their coins because of other factors. They may sell coins because of personal reasons. Collectors sometimes decide to “give away” their collection because they no longer have any option but sell their coins. This is the most difficult situation for coin collectors as they often value their coins and as much as possible would not want to give them away - the coins may be memorabilia or may have sentimental value to the collector.Once a collector has decided to sell his coins, he must consider if it is really the right time to Impact crusher sell the coins. Is the collector ready to give away his coins? Is the coin at higher price now? Will it do well and will he benefit from selling his coins? These factors should always be considered.There are other options available to determine where a coin collector could sell his coins. He may want to sell the coins at auctions. 

Many people now prefer the option of putting their belongings up for auction and this is not limited to coin collections. There is also a higher chance of having the coin sold at a higher price since auctions include bidding processes. Buyers may bid for a higher price especially if the coin being sold is of rare quality and has a higher value.A collector may also want to put up a website to advertise the coins that he would like to sell. The Internet is the easiest way for collectors to search for coins. In addition, putting the coin on the Internet will make the selling an easier task. The collector may put up his own website and place the pictures of his coins and some brief descriptions on it. He should also note how much he is willing sell them for.There are other options too: the seller may want to do a dealer-to-dealer negotiation. He can go directly to coin dealers and sell his coins. The dealers then can sell the coins that they purchased to other dealers. It is important to compare prices between one dealer and another as there is always a chance that one dealer may buy the coins at a higher price than other dealer. 

It is wise to shop for dealers and then decide which you one you want to deal with.It is also recommended that collectors who decide to sell their coins use a coin grading service. It is very important so that the seller not end up a loser when he sells his coins. By using a grading service, the seller will be able to set a price that is based on the assessment made by the grading service who will determine the actual value of the coins.Most importantly, coin collector should not clean their coins once they have decided to sell them. If they do, the value of the coins will depreciate.

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The important point here is the software

Let me start by saying that if you are thinking about purchasing a Forex trading system in the near future, I have laid down a few aspects you might want to take into account when making your final decision. You will find that in the market there is a vast multitude of currency trading system on the market and there are more being introduced on almost a daily basis. When analyzing these Forex software trading systems you will be overwhelmed with marketing making your final choice more confusing.

The important point here is the software should be a powerfull beneficial tool to help you make trading decisions and not with the fact that you have to be a decision maker. You can now find lots of forex trading systems and automated robots on the internet, so in order to help you narrow down the choice of which software to buy - we have created this specific page to list the current top-selling forex products.

The Forex Killer application applies a unique system to help the traders know when to buy or sell currencies by breaking down the percentage in pip change and computing an ideal buy/sell time. There is no doubt that the system uses complex mathematical algorithms which analyze the market to figure out when to buy and sell.

The system is very user friendly and all the trader has to do is to input some simple data into the Forex Killer calculator and it will do the rest, coming up with the best signals on when to enter into trades.

Once a trading signal has been generated, you simply open a market order with the recommended stops and profit targets for the time frame you are trading in. This can even be from the weekly charts all the way down to even the five minutes charts. But, if you really want some piece of the action then you can go down to the lower time frame were you can trade in a more relaxed manner.

The software allows you to use the Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions to find/analyze stop loss levels and potential profit targets, providing you larger and bigger profit potentials. You become your own financial institution as this system allows you to Cyclone dust collector generate your own forex signal.

The main pioneer behind this system is a trader named Andreas Kirchberger. He developed this software with two more associates and now trades for a living and offers support to the users of the application.

For more Currency Trading information and a more detailed review of the forex trading system - Sydney Forex Review

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These are the most self explanatory machines

This will typically be the ratio you want to use and should be enough to perform most cleaning tasks. If you see a lot of foaming orsoap suds, this is NOT Genesis 950. In extreme cases, the ratio of Genesis 950 to water can be a 50/50 mix. Simply fill the water tank with water and the solution tank with Genesis 950. For pet odors, or heavy traffic areas, the ideal ratio is 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. If you have severe stains, allow it to sit for a longer period of time. For faster drying results, use a fan or dehumidifier.
MachinesWith A Compartment For Solution And Water Combined

Other carpet cleaning machines, typically those that can be rented, have 2 tanks. In most machines, the solution tank can be removed from the machine. There will still be enough mixture in the carpet even if your machine is extracting.Slowly go over the entire carpet. Generally, these machines have a dial setting with levels like "Medium," "Heavy" and "Rinse. With machines that do extract as you go China Hammer Crushers Suppliers over the carpet, do not worry. Again, this is for extreme situations. Once you have filled your tank based on your cleaning need, go over the carpet nice and slow. After you have rinsed the carpet, allow it to dry thoroughly. This is Genesis 950 breaking down and removing the residue left behind by soap based cleaners previously used in the carpet. Machines with the compartment for solution will likely have a "Rinse" setting. The first time you rinse, you may see the return water come back black. The longer the solution sits, the more it will break down. Typical 30 to 45 minutes is enough time for the solution to break down any debris or stains in the carpet. Rinse repeatedly if this is the case.

Once dry, your carpet will not only be cleaner, but it will smell clean and it will also have a softer, more vibrant feel as any residue will have been removed. If you let the carpet dry before it is rinsed, everything that the solution has broken down will just settle right back into the carpet. If you select this setting, the machine will only tank water from the water tank. Some machines will extract the mixture out of the carpet as you go over it. If you choose to do this, do not allow the carpet to dry before rinsing.

For pet stains, use the highest setting. These are the most self explanatory machines. Other machines have a knob or lever that you engage to extract water. One tank for a mixture of solution and water, the other tank for return water. After you have applied the mixture of solution and water on the carpet, allow it to sit. If you are seeing this, it is as a result of Genesis 950 not only breaking down the stains you were looking to remove, but also the breakdown of dirt, dust and debris within the carpet padding. Some people will even allow it to sit overnight. Removing as much of this residue as possible will improve the texture of your carpet. Enough of the solution is still left behind that this is not an issue.

Many household carpet cleaning machines have 3 compartments; one compartment for clean water,one compartment for cleaning solution and one compartment for return water. The proportions used for spot cleaning can also be applied with these types of stains. With these types of machines, you can fillthem with the amount of solution relative to your cleaning task." These settings determine how much Genesis 950 and water are being mixed.The picture to the right is an example of the Bissell Mining equipment suppliers Pro Heat Cleaning Solution Tank. The clearer the return water, the cleaner the carpet.
Once the allotted time has elapsed, fill your carpet cleaning machine tank with fresh water only. Allow the mixture to saturate the carpet. If you are doing a general carpet cleaning, the ratio of 1 partGenesis 950 to 7 partswater is suitable. For general carpeting cleaning, the medium setting is suitable. This will flush out everything that the solution has broken down in the carpet. In these tanks, Genesis 950 and water are mixed in the one tank.

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Professional painters typically use paint

If you're painting because the surface is dull or because you want a new color, and the existing paint is sound, you'll only need to spot-prime any bare areas. Primers penetrate, seal, and provide a good surface that enables the new paint to adhere well. Oil paint is best for high-traffic areas such as wood steps and porch floors, as well as on steel and cast-iron railings because of its superior water-repellent nature.

Urethane acrylic caulk performs better and lasts longer than other types of caulking material. If you decide to commit the time and money required for exterior painting in Roswell, you want a quality paint job that will last. Fill minor cracks and dents using an exterior-grade filler or spackle. Use a gallon of water mixed with 1 cup chlorine bleach and 1 cup of a phosphate-free cleaner. They resist blistering, flaking, and peeling. That will prevent rust from bleeding through the paint.

An extra step that will pay dividends in longer-lasting results is to use metal primer on nail heads. If you have a pressure washer and know how to use it, you can save some time. You'll want to work in sections. Applying two coats of paint is recommended for long-lasting exterior painting in Roswell.

If you are going to use latex paint over oil-based paint, it's usually a good idea to prime the wall. They also have better color retention than other types of latex paint. There are two types of exterior paint: water-based (latex) or oil-based (alkyd).

Professional painters typically use paint sprayers to apply paint, however, others are advised to use a brush for maximum control. Once the primer is dry, you'll want to caulk all joints in the siding and trim. Whether you paint the house yourself or hire a professional, here are the steps that should be taken:

Before you can paint, the first scrub is to remove dirt and residues from the surface to be painted. High-quality latex paints that have "100% acrylic" binders adhere well to many different surfaces.Business A fresh paint job can give you more bang for the buck than any other remodeling project. Otherwise, a hose and scrub brush will work China Jaw crushers Suppliers well.

Wear a dust mask and sand with an orbital or vibrating palm-sander, using 60- or 80-grit sandpaper. Electrostatic precipitator manufacturers Peeling paint should be scraped away using a stout scraper with a sharp blade. To avoid streaking, be sure to rinse well before the solution dries

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