These are the most self explanatory machines

This will typically be the ratio you want to use and should be enough to perform most cleaning tasks. If you see a lot of foaming orsoap suds, this is NOT Genesis 950. In extreme cases, the ratio of Genesis 950 to water can be a 50/50 mix. Simply fill the water tank with water and the solution tank with Genesis 950. For pet odors, or heavy traffic areas, the ideal ratio is 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. If you have severe stains, allow it to sit for a longer period of time. For faster drying results, use a fan or dehumidifier.
MachinesWith A Compartment For Solution And Water Combined

Other carpet cleaning machines, typically those that can be rented, have 2 tanks. In most machines, the solution tank can be removed from the machine. There will still be enough mixture in the carpet even if your machine is extracting.Slowly go over the entire carpet. Generally, these machines have a dial setting with levels like "Medium," "Heavy" and "Rinse. With machines that do extract as you go China Hammer Crushers Suppliers over the carpet, do not worry. Again, this is for extreme situations. Once you have filled your tank based on your cleaning need, go over the carpet nice and slow. After you have rinsed the carpet, allow it to dry thoroughly. This is Genesis 950 breaking down and removing the residue left behind by soap based cleaners previously used in the carpet. Machines with the compartment for solution will likely have a "Rinse" setting. The first time you rinse, you may see the return water come back black. The longer the solution sits, the more it will break down. Typical 30 to 45 minutes is enough time for the solution to break down any debris or stains in the carpet. Rinse repeatedly if this is the case.

Once dry, your carpet will not only be cleaner, but it will smell clean and it will also have a softer, more vibrant feel as any residue will have been removed. If you let the carpet dry before it is rinsed, everything that the solution has broken down will just settle right back into the carpet. If you select this setting, the machine will only tank water from the water tank. Some machines will extract the mixture out of the carpet as you go over it. If you choose to do this, do not allow the carpet to dry before rinsing.

For pet stains, use the highest setting. These are the most self explanatory machines. Other machines have a knob or lever that you engage to extract water. One tank for a mixture of solution and water, the other tank for return water. After you have applied the mixture of solution and water on the carpet, allow it to sit. If you are seeing this, it is as a result of Genesis 950 not only breaking down the stains you were looking to remove, but also the breakdown of dirt, dust and debris within the carpet padding. Some people will even allow it to sit overnight. Removing as much of this residue as possible will improve the texture of your carpet. Enough of the solution is still left behind that this is not an issue.

Many household carpet cleaning machines have 3 compartments; one compartment for clean water,one compartment for cleaning solution and one compartment for return water. The proportions used for spot cleaning can also be applied with these types of stains. With these types of machines, you can fillthem with the amount of solution relative to your cleaning task." These settings determine how much Genesis 950 and water are being mixed.The picture to the right is an example of the Bissell Mining equipment suppliers Pro Heat Cleaning Solution Tank. The clearer the return water, the cleaner the carpet.
Once the allotted time has elapsed, fill your carpet cleaning machine tank with fresh water only. Allow the mixture to saturate the carpet. If you are doing a general carpet cleaning, the ratio of 1 partGenesis 950 to 7 partswater is suitable. For general carpeting cleaning, the medium setting is suitable. This will flush out everything that the solution has broken down in the carpet. In these tanks, Genesis 950 and water are mixed in the one tank.

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